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RTAC Update


The Spring/Summer selling season is almost over and Fall/Winter will soon be upon us. There is still time to contact us with your requests for in-store assembly of Snow Removal, Fall lawn and garden equipment and Furniture. And remember..... with fitness a year round obsession for many The Ready to Assemble Company can assemble all types of exercise and recreational equipment. Even more important, its time to evaluate last year's suppliers and consider the Ready to Assemble Company for next year.

Is your company doing everything it can to improve the bottom line in these tough times?


Check back soon!



Welcome to the Ready To Assemble Company!


Since 1995 the Ready To Assemble Company has been recognized as the premier retail assembly and installation company in the Northeast.  We offer a number of value added services designed to increase sales and promote brand image. We provide installation and assembly of the following product categories: bicycles and exercise equipment, BBQs and gas grills, garden equipment including wheelbarrows and lawn mowers and snow removal equipment. Visit our services pages for complete details.



The "No Tools Required" Value Advantage


 Increase your sales


ü Consumers prefer the convenience of "No Assembly Required" products.

ü Assembly fees are add on sales that improve store revenues.

ü Offering consumers assembly service or pre-assembled products reduces purchase   

  hesitation and improves your ability to close the sale.


Improve the bottom line


ü Using our assemblers lets your sales force focus their attention on the customer.

ü Our experts get the job done right the first time with speed and accuracy.

ü Fewer product returns reduces shipping and handling expenses.


Enhance your firm's brand image


ü Products that are assembled to manufacturer's specs make a better presentation  and 

  improve a consumer's image of both the product and your store.

ü Satisfied consumers are repeat customers!

ü Keep your customers happy and let them spread the word for you!


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